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Quinnipiac Chronicle: This is me: Behind the veil

Shamshad Sheikh walks through the Mount Carmel Dining Hall in search of the student she is meeting. She doesn?t know what the student looks like because the meeting was arranged via email. But the student can easily find her in the crowd, even though they?ve never met. He knows that she will be one of the very few women wearing a Hijab on campus. Read More »

Quinnipiac Chronicle: New lanes to alleviate traffic Friday

Quinnipiac Chronicle: New lanes to alleviate traffic Friday

It will be a little easier to travel to campus starting this Friday, once new turning lanes are finally complete at the corner of Whitney Avenue and Mount Carmel Avenue, according to the Connecticut Department of Transportation. All construction at that corner will be complete in about a month. Read More »

Quinnipiac Chronicle: Lieberman: Study Islam, take interest in Middle East

Sen. Joe Lieberman told Quinnipiac students on Monday to pay attention and take an active role in the political events occurring in the Middle East. ?Study Arabic,? Lieberman said. ?Study Islam. Go there and try to be involved in what?s happening. Obviously not everyone can do that, but follow from here what?s happening and make sure your government is supportive and doesn?t turn away from an historic change in a moment of opportunity.? Read More »

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