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CNN Featured My Story On The Front Page of CNN.com

CNN Featured My Story On The Front Page of CNN.com

This was a big week! CNN producers featured my news package on the front page of CNN.com. They even tweeted it out too! The story included an interview with Fernando Bermudez, an exoneree who spent 18 years in prison. CNN is so powerful--my video was watched over 50,000 times. Click through to see the HD version of the story here: Read More »

Newspaper Articles Featuring Marcus Harun (2006-2010)

CNN: I-Reporters’ take on CNN/YouTube debate CNN includes my commentary on the CNN/YouTube presidential debate. Mass Live: Six aspiring journalists awarded college scholarships from the Pioneer Valley Press Club Mass Live covers my Valley Press Club Scholarship award. Hamden Journal: 15th Annual Chamber Choice Awards Dinner?.and the Honorees Are? The ... Read More »

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