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Quinnipiac Chronicle: QU officials: Student center will open this fall

Blue tarps remain on the quad and hammering continues as construction progresses on the Carl Hansen Student Center that will replace former Alumni Hall. The student center is set to be completed at the start of the fall 2012 semester. The Chronicle got an exclusive tour of the student center ... Read More »

Quinnipiac Chronicle: IDD minor suspended due to lack of resources

Due to lack of classroom space and equipment, the interactive digital design minor will be suspended until further resources can be allocated to the program, according to a school official. There are more than 130 IDD minors and majors and the IDD facility is limited to one 16-seat classroom, said ... Read More »

Quinnipiac Chronicle: ?Freedom Riders? inspire students to lead

Two ?Freedom Riders? who stood up for what they knew was right, putting themselves in danger, taught students to be leaders at Burt Kahn Court Thursday night. Civil rights activists Bernard Lafayette and Ambassador Andrew Young, two ?Freedom Riders,? rode buses into the segregated southern United States in the 1960s ... Read More »

Quinnipiac Chronicle: Mitt Romney leading in delegate count, states won

No one in the Democratic Party decided to run against President Barack Obama this year, so he will be the Democratic nominee. But who will his challenger be on the ballot in November? That is being decided now in the Republican presidential primary. Every state has the chance to hold ... Read More »

Quinnipiac Chronicle: 5 Quinnipiac basketball players granted accelerated rehabilitation

Quinnipiac men?s basketball players James Johnson, Jamee Jackson, Dave Johnson, Ike Azotam and Nate Gause were granted accelerated rehabilitation and community service hours today in exchange for clear criminal records for their involvement in an on campus fight last September.The five players appeared in Meriden Superior Court this afternoon before ... Read More »

Quinnipiac Chronicle: Lahey second-highest paid private university president in state

President John Lahey earned $1.2 million in total compensation for 2009, making him the second highest paid private college president in Connecticut and the 27th in the nation, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. Read More »

Quinnipiac Chronicle: Quinnipiac men’s basketball pair’s hearing postponed

Quinnipiac Chronicle: Quinnipiac men’s basketball pair’s hearing postponed

The hearing for Quinnipiac men?s basketball players James Johnson and Ike Azotam was postponed to Dec. 8.Defense attorney Thomas Lynch said he spoke with the prosecutor this morning before the hearing was scheduled and decided to move the date of the hearing. Neither Johnson nor Azotam appeared before the court ... Read More »

Quinnipiac Chronicle: This is me: Behind the veil

Shamshad Sheikh walks through the Mount Carmel Dining Hall in search of the student she is meeting. She doesn?t know what the student looks like because the meeting was arranged via email. But the student can easily find her in the crowd, even though they?ve never met. He knows that she will be one of the very few women wearing a Hijab on campus. Read More »

Quinnipiac Chronicle: New lanes to alleviate traffic Friday

Quinnipiac Chronicle: New lanes to alleviate traffic Friday

It will be a little easier to travel to campus starting this Friday, once new turning lanes are finally complete at the corner of Whitney Avenue and Mount Carmel Avenue, according to the Connecticut Department of Transportation. All construction at that corner will be complete in about a month. Read More »

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